Security Cable Kit (Includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping)

Security Cable Kit (Includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping)
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Customer install security cable kit for all FAS1 handgun safes. This kit consists of a heavy duty 5/16" diameter x 48" length vinyl coated cable, split collar, and hex key. 

While we always recommend that you bolt down your FAS1 safe we are now offering a security cable option that will allow you to attach it to something solid if you are not able to permanently mount it. You can use this kit with any FAS1 safe as long as you can drill one 1/2" diameter hole in the safe to secure the cable using the included split collar and hex key.

If you are ordering a safe and want to include a security cable, please select it in the options when ordering your safe.

This heavy duty security cable kit can be used to replace some of the much smaller cables that come with most small lock boxes and handgun safes. If your safe/lockbox has a notch in it, you might not need the collar as you would with a hole in the safe. You will probably need to make the notch larger to accept this thicker cable.

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