FAS1-Traveler Lock Box

FAS1-Traveler Lock Box
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Are you looking for a better way to secure your carry weapon when you need to leave it in your car? Take a look at the new FAS1-Traveler. This versatile 11 gauge steel lock box offers the best ways available to store your handgun when traveling.

If space allows, enhance security by using the optional 11 gauge steel mounting bracket. Just place the unlocked FAS1-Traveler into the bracket and lock the door. This will also lock the box onto the bracket by moving the two stainless steel locking pins through the tabs on the mounting bracket. The other end of the FAS1-Traveler is secured into the pocket of the bracket and the sides have a lip to prevent prying on the box with a tool from any side. The bracket has four 1/4" mounting holes in the bottom.

In tighter spaces or where the bracket cannot be mounted, just use the heavy duty security cable. This cable measures 5/16" in diameter and 4' in length. It is one of the heaviest cables available for this type of application making it much more secure than the tiny cable that is commonly used by others.

The lock is the same high security lock (In&Out Lock Option) we use on our line of FAS1 quick access handgun safes. You can have the FAS1-Traveler keyed the same as your other FAS1 safe if you have the optional In&Out lock installed on it. Just let us know to key it alike in the "Special Instructions" when placing your order and include your key code.

The interior uses a foam pad on the inside of the door to provide compression to your gun to hold it in place when closed. The interior is lined with carpet that is the same as our other safes.

The FAS1-Traveler and bracket are constructed of 11GA steel and powder-coated in a fine textured black. The completely internal hinge pin is the same design as our other safes. Full width 3/8" solid pin welded in place through the side panels. This also ads strength to the box structure.

The door is recessed with a formed edge (90 degree bend) on the lock end to help guard against prying. The lock sits almost flush with the outer edge of the box. The door jamb blocks access from the sides of the door by eliminating any gaps.

The FAS1-Traveler is sold separately from the bracket and cable. This allows the customer to only purchase what they need when ordering. Just choose whether you want the optional bracket and/or cable.

Additional brackets and cables are also available as separate items in case you want to place a second bracket in another vehicle, office, or home. 



Interior FAS1-Traveler dimensions are: 8" Length* x 6.25" Width x 1.5" High

*There is an extra 1.5" in length if your guns muzzle is thin enough to fit under the full width hinge pin. (example would be a full size 1911)

Exterior FAS1-Traveler dimensions: 11" Length* x 7" Width x 2" High

Exterior bracket dimensions: 11.5" Length* x 7.375" Width x 3" High

Shipping dimensions: 14" Length* x 10" Width x 6" High

Shipping weight: 18lbs. (Traveler, bracket, and cable).

This is not a CA DOJ approved firearms safety device.

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