FAS1-MAX XL Handgun Safe (w/Carpet Lined Interior - NO HOLSTER)

FAS1-MAX XL Handgun Safe (w/Carpet Lined Interior - NO HOLSTER)
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Same design as the original "FAST ACTION SAFE" in a larger version (1/2" wider and 3" longer). Designed to safely store longer handguns that won't fit in our holster model safes. This is the same size as our Magnum XL handgun safe.

This safe has the same gas spring to open the door and hold it open, but DOES NOT HAVE A HOLSTER MOUNTED TO THE DOOR. Instead it has a carpeted interior so you can place your gun(s) or other valuables inside the safe. The carpeted interior is black un-backed non-woven (speaker box) carpet. It is thin and fits flush under the door jambs. It resists stains, mold, mildew, and has a high resistance to gas, oil, and salt. It is glued in place with common contact cement.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. utilizing 3/16" steel plate (7 GA) for the door and all sides. The hinged cover is recessed and has a door jam to discourage prying. Solid 3/8" hinge pin is welded in place and covered when the the door is closed. A gas spring opens the hinged door approx. 65° rapidly to to open the safe when the proper combination is entered and the knob twisted 1/4 turn clockwise.

Uses a Simplex mechanical push-button lock for simple, durable, and reliable operation. You set the combination. No batteries, electricity, or fingerprint scan to malfunction.

The optional In&Out lock is designed for extra security when needed. It is a FAS1 Safe exclusive using the Camlock T8 and we manufacture the cam and linkage in house to work in conjunction with the Simplex lock. In the neutral position it does not affect the push-button lock. When engaged it deadbolts the Simplex lock so that even if a correct code is entered the safe will not open. It also functions as a key entry and this feature can be disabled by the user by swapping out the 180° stop washer with the included 90° one.

We can key any of our safes alike in any quantity. Just let us know in the "special instructions" when placing your order. If you already have a FAS1 safe with this option just confirm the key number starting with 8T_ _ _ _ _ and let us know when ordering.

Mount anywhere you like such as a bed frame, nightstand, desk, floor, shelf, vehicle, etc. Mount vertical or horizontal, just drill holes where needed and secure with hardware from your local store. There are no pre-drilled mounting holes in this safe. Our recommendation is to anchor to the floor, wall, or something solid.

Outer dimensions of box (not including lock mounting plate or knob).

Approx. 15-3/4"L x 9-1/2"H x 4-1/8"W. 

Since the door is recessed, the height at the knob is approx. 10-1/4".

Black powder-coat finish in mini texture.

Shipping weight is 31 lbs.

This is not a CA DOJ approved firearms safety device.


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