Gas Spring (Includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping)

Gas Spring (Includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping)
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Replacement gas spring for use in all FAS1 safes. Mount with the rod end down for a cushioned stop.


Remove any weapon(s) from your FAS1 safe before you start to remove and replace your gas spring.


Gas spring can be mounted rod end up if a quicker opening door is wanted. This can be helpful especailly on the longest, heaviest door, the FAS1-Magnum XL. In this mounting position there is no cushioning at the end of the stroke.

To remove the existing gas spring on your FAS1 safe, use a small flat blade screwdriver to slip under the steel retainer clip at the notch on the nylon mountiing socket on the safe's door and pull back a little to release the spring from the mounting ball. There is a notch on both sides of the clip. You just have to pull back and there is no need to remove the retaining clip. The notch on the door end is easiest to access from the end of the gas spring and the one at the bottom is easier accessed from the body side rather than the end of the spring.


When the gas spring is removed, the door will swing free with all its weight. Be sure and hold the door when releasing the gas spring from it's mounting plate to the door. You can then swing the door open and rest it on something so it does not damage the paint on the door by touching on the back edge of the safe just under the hinge (older models). You can also slide a piece of plastic, wood, or cardboard in the opening under the hinge to protct the door. A wooden paint stir stick works well too.

All current FAS1 safes have a door stop that won't allow the door to swing open more than approx. 110°, so you don't need something to support the door like on older models.

To install the new strut, just snap on to the lower mounting bracket and then to the one on the door. You do not need to pull the retaining clip back. It will just snap on and into place.

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