Modular Holster, Long (Includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping)

Modular Holster, Long (Includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping)
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  • Item #: Holster, Modular Long

The Modular Holster, Long is one we designed for a suppressed handgun with or without a tactical light mounted. It will eventually be the holster in our FAS1-SBD safe. The end of the holster is open for the suppressor to pass through and provide support to the suppessor. It comes with a velcro pad to use inside the holster when there is no weapons light attached unstead of the included internal adjusting strap.

This holster works great with the Silencerco Maxim 9 (and any other handgun that will fit this model safe) when installed in the FAS1-Magnum XL safe. Just ask for this holster instead of the standard holster in the "Special Instructions"when placing your order.

Will only work in the FAS1-Magnum XL and FAS1-SBD handgun safes.

Can use at the shooting range as a ambidextrous belt holster.

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