In&Out Lock Retrofit Kit (Includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping)

In&Out Lock Retrofit Kit (Includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping)
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  • Item #: In&Out Lock Retrofit Kit

This kit is for adding the In&Out Lock to any model FAS1 safe that was not ordered with it as a factory installed option.

The safe it is going to be installed on has to have the black steel lock cover over the pushbutton lock on the inside of the safe. Safes with the lock cover started shipping in July of 2012. You have to be able to drill a 3/4" diameter hole in the door so the lock can be mounted with the included Double D hole adapter/mounting plate. These safes have a straight door with no 90° bend on the end of the door.

Current models of FAS1 safes have a door with a 90° bend formed at the opening of the door and these already have the Double D hole with a plug bolted into place from the inside. It is under the FAS1 logo on the door. On these you won't have to drill a hole and you won't use the adapter/mounting plate. Just remove the plug and install the lock with cam and linkage. These started shipping in July 2017.

Can order to be keyed alike. 

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